Learning analytics

Recent years have seen developments in online learning advancing rapidly. A huge growth has been noted, particularly in terms of developing closed and open (freely accessible) online modules. An important trend is offering open online education, in the form of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). In these online education programmes, details of (the behaviour of) students are collected automatically. Linked to other data, these details could play an important role in providing insights into:
  1. the academic behaviour of students in online education programmes
  2. the quality of the online teaching materials used
  3. students' use of the online learning environment
  4. the quality of online test items
  5. the academic progress of students.

The outcomes of analyses can be used to let online education and learning programmes fit the characteristics of students optimally.

Risbo has the expertise to interlink the data from different systems, both administrative ones and those for online learning environments, and to perform relevant analyses. With the use of so-called 'learning analytics' we can establish the determinants for the academic success or failure of students in online education programmes. We can also make evidence-based recommendations to modify online education also possible during its execution attuning it to the student population as well as possible.


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