Support for research

Risbo has the in-house expertise to offer you support in performing (scientific) quantitative and qualitative research. Risbo's expertise can be deployed in various phases of carrying out research.

Setting up and preparing research
In the preparatory phase of your research Risbo can support you in formulating clear research questions, creating a research design and selecting and developing the right research instruments. We have specific in-house knowledge to perform innovative online research. An example is the online diary methodology which Risbo developed to collect data on a research group systematically each day over a specific period.

Linking and analysing complex data files
We have specific in-house expertise to link complex data files, and then to prepare them for analysis.

Teaching practical research skills
Risbo offers practical training for the design, execution and reporting of research. Examples are the workshop 'The systematic development of questionnaires', the workshop 'The systematic development of an interview (plan)', the workshop 'Interviewing skills', the workshop 'Analysing quantitative data using SPSS', and the workshop 'Analysing qualitative data with ATLAS.ti'.

Support for analyses and reports
We can also offer hands-on support in analysing quantitative and qualitative research data and drawing up reports.


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