Policy-oriented research into teaching

Risbo has a long history in conducting policy-oriented research into teaching. We perform this research for primary, secondary and higher education.
In the research, policy issues from the Ministry of Education, Cultural Affairs and Science or (a conglomerate of) educational institutions are central.

By conducting policy-oriented research, Risbo delivers a contribution to the scientific underpinning of the teaching policy of educational institutions, so that on this basis (a) they can take evidence-based decisions on the course of future teaching policy and (b) a more conscious choice can be made among various policy alternatives.

An example of a leading project we recently conducted in this area, is the research into the possible influence of the introduction of the 'Nominal = Normal' scheme on student influx, and the academic success of (subgroups of) students of Erasmus University Rotterdam.
A second example is the research which Risbo performed in conjunction with Inholland, for the 'Beter Presteren' programme agency, into the effect of different interventions and developments on the educational results of scholars in different Rotterdam schools. For Hogeschool Rotterdam, Risbo also performed research into the teaching innovations they implemented.


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