Customised training programmes

In addition to the ready-to-use training programmes, Risbo also develops customised didactic trainingprogrammes. These are entirely attuned to the client's needs. Below are a few examples.

Example 1: Training course for iBMG
For iBMG (Erasmus University Rotterdam) Risbo developed a number of customised training modules to support teachers adequately in setting up and performing adequate teaching and assesment activities. The modules cover ' delivery of teaching to small groups of students (including the group dynamic)', 'delivering of teaching during large-scale plenary sessions', 'development of active, blended courses' and 'assessing and evaluating students'.

Example 2: Didactic support for student assistants
For many years Risbo has delivered Basic Didactic Skills training made to order, for student assistants of the International Business Administration (RSM) programme, and student assistants at Erasmus School of Economics. We have attuned the content of this training entirely to the duties which the student assistants perform in the teaching. Here we devote specific attention to providing a clear and properly structured explanation, the personal presentation style of the student assistant, posing effective questions to students, the way interaction occurs with the students, activating and motivating students, dealing with difficult situations like disturbances, and providing feedback to students.

Risbo has a great deal of expertise in-house, and various types of expertise. The examples mentioned above only offer a small glimpse of our capabilities. For example you can approach Risbo for support in managing teaching quality, and for the use of ICT in teaching.


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