Basic Workshop Assessment

In Risbo's hands-on Basic Workshop Assessment you will improve your skills in developing assessments. During this workshop we devote attention to curricular alignment, creating an assessment matrix, the structure and form of test questions and the validity and reliability of an assessment. Here we consider both the construction of MC questions and the construction of open (essay) questions. You will also apply the knowledge and skills learned directly in your own assessment.

Target group and required prior knowledge
The Basic Workshop Assessment is intended for all teachers in higher education, who develop and implement assessments. No specific prior knowledge is needed for this workshop. However it would be useful if you have the ability to develop high-quality and good learning objectives, based on different mastery levels.

On completion of the Basic Workshop Assessment you will be able to:
  1. Develop an assessment in a systematic way using an assessment matrix and in accordance with the principle of curricular alignment.
  2. Make an argued choice for the form of your assessment.
  3. Develop high-quality test items (both MC and essay questions) which meet the requirements of validity, reliability and transparency.
  4. Evaluate your own assessment and those of colleagues at the assessment and item level, based on a number of quality criteria.

Contents and form
The workshop is run over two half-days. We devote the first half-day to curricular alignment, Bloom's taxonomy (revised version), the assessment matrix and a framework for developing good high-quality assessments and assessment questions. If possible, there will be three weeks between the first and second half-days. This will give you the opportunity to apply the contents of the first half-day to your own assessment. We will then improve the assessment further during the second half-day. Among others, we will devote attention to the validity and reliability of assessments. For the rest the workshop will be hands-on as far as possible. This means that you will get to work on your own assessment yourself, and will receive constructive feedback from colleagues and the workshop leader.

Evaluation and certification
Once you have completed both half-days and the homework assignment (between the first and second half-days), you will receive a certificate of participation.


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