Senior University Teaching Qualification (SKO)

The Senior Teaching Qualification (STQ) is a follow-up course to the (Basic) University Teaching Qualification. In this course the focus is on innovating your own course based on student evaluations, scientific literature and innovative educational developments. Part of the STQ is that you investigate the (possible) effect of the innovation. In the job profiles of Erasmus University Rotterdam, obtaining the STQ is part of the criteria associated with the position of Associate Professor (UHD).

Target group and required prior knowledge
The Senior University Teaching Qualification (STQ) is intended for experienced teachers with at least five years' experience in higher education, who have attained the BKO level. You wish to develop in terms of innovative and inspiring teaching, and are prepared to take a development step to develop new teaching or to improve existing teaching systematically.

The STQ has the following objectives/competences:
  • Excellent performance of teaching, appropriate to a range of teaching situations.
  • Improving teaching demonstrably and/or renewing it on the basis of subject evaluations, education-related research and using online teaching and learning trajectories.
  • Conducting research into one's own teaching and reporting and/or presenting on it.
  • Supervising and supporting colleagues in renewing and improving teaching.
  • Making a contribution to teaching improvement by fulfilling an active role in a programme committee, faculty working group aimed at teaching renewal, an examining board or a comparable body.

Contents and form
We start the STQ with a collective, inspiring kick-off meeting. During the STQ you will participate in five specific, in-depth training modules aimed among other things at educational designing, coaching techniques, dealing with change and resistance, excellent teaching performance and innovative types of ICT use. An inspiring study visit to several Dutch higher education institutes also forms part of this course. Additionally you will carry out an assignment in your own teaching practice, in which teaching innovation or improvement are central. During intervision meetings you will reflect on your own teaching and activities which have been conducted within the STQ course. To this end we will place you in an intervision group, where you will introduce your own problem, challenge or success experience. The approach is that participants learn from each other's experiences, but they also acquire deeper insights because they discover why something is perceived as a success or a problem. You will also attend teaching meetings of your STQ colleagues, and give each other feedback.
We conclude the STQ course with a mini-symposium, which is also accessible to external interested parties. During the symposium the outcomes of the various teaching projects carried out during the SKO are presented.

Evaluation and certification
You will place all your activities within the STQ course into a personal digital portfolio. During the final SKO interview with the review committee made up of yourself, your supervisor, an STQ steering group member and a senior Risbo advisor it will be determined whether you have met the specified qualifying terms. If the evaluation is positive, you will be awarded the STQ certificate.


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