Senior Teaching Qualification (SUTQ) trajectory

With the Senior University Teaching Qualification (SUTQ), we help lecturers in higher education improve how they fulfil the various senior teaching roles. They obviously play an important role in encouraging student development in various ways: within their own course, but often also in other, more strategic roles in the school or institution. They do this in collaboration with colleagues and other stakeholders.
The SUTQ follows the Basic University Teaching Qualification (UTQ). In the SUTQ, the emphasis is on implementing an education project, like working on innovating a course or part of a curriculum. Participants also work on different roles which they play as senior teachers, such as designer, visionary, mentor, reflector, connector and evaluator.

Target group and required prior knowledge
The SUTQ is intended for experienced teachers with at least five years' experience in higher education and who have a UTQ certificate. Within the school, they must also be involved in teaching outside their own course. Participants in the SUTQ are characterised by their willingness to experiment in education. They are motivated and aim at quality in education. They want to develop skills that contribute to the high quality of education in the institution, also outside their own course.

After completing the SUTQ, in an academic context, teachers are able to:

- Act based on a theoretically founded vision of education.
- Implement an education project in a structured way, to benefit the students' learning process.
- Evaluate the impact of the education on the students' learning process.
- Support and strategically involve colleagues in developing/implementing education.
- Reflect on their own learning process during the trajectoru and formulate new development areas for the future.

Content and form
The SUTQ programme takes around 10 months. During the programme, you work on your own chosen education project that fits in the strategic themes and/or developments of your own school or that of the university in a broad sense. During the programme, you work on the education project through various workshops. These workshops focus on analysis, development, implementation and evaluation of an education project. Other educational themes are also addressed in the workshops that are relevant to the education project and/or for developing the various roles attributed to assistant professors.
Each participant also joins a peer group. During the programme, the peer group meets several times to help each other with the education project and to share experiences/cases from education.
The programme also includes an inspiring study visit to another educational institution or education-related project, aimed at expanding the vision on education and its potential.
In the last phase of the project, the results and experiences of the education project are shared at a university-wide project market.

Evaluation and certification
The programme starts with a self-assessment of the various learning outcomes and critical behaviours. During and after all the activities in the programme, there are moments of reflection when you analyse your own development and formulate actions. At the end of the programme, there is a reflection on the total development in all the learning outcomes. All the reflections are saved in a digital portfolio. The portfolio also includes a report of different steps in the education project and the evaluation plan is shared.
The SUTQ programme ends with a final interview with the lecturer, manager, an SUTQ steering group member and a Risbo trainer.

For EUR lecturers, the course costs are fully paid through 2024 by the Community for Learning and Innovation (CLI). The CLI thus hopes to boost the quality and innovation of education. The faculty must approve the time investment in the SUTQ. The programme takes 10 months and requires a time investment of 160 hours in total and additional hours for executing the education project.

For lecturers outside EUR, participation costs � 5,000.

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