Question: Iím a Phd-student. Can I still join the UTQ?
In order to successfully pass the UTQ trajectory itís handy to be responsible for a course as a teacher. You can use this course for the Proofs of Competence you will need to complete. If youíre not responsible for the course, you could check within your own faculty if you as a PhD can join the UTQ trajectory. If you receive permission for this, please ask the coordinator of the course you are involved with if you can use all parts of the course for the UTQ.

Question: Iíve accomplished a qualification or achievement for education elsewhere. Can I get exemption?
Risbo doesnít grant exemption from the UTQ.
For teachers with a teacher qualification or teacher competence from a foreign university there is, under strict circumstances, a shorter trajectory available. See below the regulations to be eligible for the short trajectory. Are you eligible for the short UTQ trajectory? Please contact us through our secretariat and deliver a copy of the certificate/diploma youíve received before. An educational consultant of Risbo will judge whether or not you are eligible.

Question: I have already attended a basic didactics course. Does this overlap with the UTQ sessions?
In the sessions of the UTQ youíll work on your own products, which you develop with the support of preparation materials. During the session there is room for receiving feedback from peers and experts. Some of the content that was offered in the basic didactics course will also be addressed in the UTQ. This will save you some time in the preparations for the sessions. Joining the sessions and receiving feedback is still relevant even when you followed the basic didactics course.

Question: Can I get an exempt for proving English Level C1?
EUR policy states that every teacher masters at least English on level C1. Because of that policy you can only receive your complete UTQ certificate if you also met that requirement. Because of this you can contact the Language and Training center on the EUR (ltc@eur.nl) per email. If you are already fluent in English you can explain why you think so (for example because you spent a while in a foreign country or followed an English study). The Language and Training center will judge whether or not this is sufficient to prove level C1. When your level is not sufficient you can do an assessment with them which determines your level. When this is lower than C1 you can join the Language and Training center for a course.

Question: Do I have to attend the UTQ at the same time that I deliver the course I want to use for the UTQ?
Itís not necessary to do the UTQ trajectory simultaneously with the course you want to use for the UTQ. The improvements that youíll make in your course can be implemented the next time you deliver this course. One of the sections of the UTQ trajectory is an observation. It is possible to have the observation at an educational moment of another course.

Question: How much time will the UTQ cost?
We assume at this moment a total time of about 80 hours, including following the sessions.

Question: Can I have the observation take place before I start the UTQ trajectory?
This is not possible, because we think you can use your take aways from the trajectory in delivering an educational session. Therefore, it is more valuable to do the observation during the UTQ trajectory.

Question: What happens if I have to be absent one session?
The starting point for choosing a cohort is that you can join all sessions. However, if you get ill once during the trajectory you can try to find a solution together with your trainer.

Question: What happens if I have to be absent two sessions?
If you miss more than one session we request you join a next cohort.

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