(Basic) University Teaching Qualification (UTQ)

During the UTQ you will work on enhancing your teaching skills. Together we’ll work on your own vision on teaching and learning, the basics of designing and delivering a good course, and designing assessments. For the UTQ we use a blended approach, which means that we expect you to prepare for all sessions online by watching videos, read articles and making assignments.
When you join our UTQ, you will start with a kick off session where you will get to know the UTQ process and the other participants. Next there are three other training sessions, design (1), deliver (2) and assess (3). Each session consists of an online preparation and engaging activities. After each session you will work on building your teaching portfolio. One of our trainers will also observe one of your lessons. You will finish your UTQ with a graduation session, where you will share your lessons learned with other peers and your supervisor.

For the educational trajectory there are competences related to the following areas:
1. Development of vision on teaching and learning.
2. Design of education.
3. Delivery of education.
4. Assessment.
5. Evaluation, reflection and plans for improvement.

Next to these competences your English proficiency needs to be at level C1.

In each session we will pay attention to a specific competence and to complete the UTQ you need to write Proof of Competences (POCs) for each area.

Target group and required prior knowledge
The University Teaching Qualification (UTQ) is mandatory for all teachers associated with a Dutch university. Holders of the UTQ are also recognized by other Dutch universities as qualified academic teachers. In the UTQ we focus on course development: which means that we will ask you to review your course objectives, assessments and teaching and learning activities in your course. To get the best out of this UTQ track we therefore advise that you need to be responsible for a course. If that’s not the case, please contact one of your colleagues if you could focus on one of their courses. Frequently Asked Questions

Apply for the UTQ
Please send an email to: utq@risbo.eur.nl to apply for the UTQ. Our secretary will send you an application form to confirm your application. You will receive an invitation two weeks at the latest prior to the kick off meeting.


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