MicroLabs: what are they?
Risbo has developed various MicroLabs in cooperation with the EUR Community for Learning & Innovation (CLI). MicroLabs are short and free how-to modules on specific didactic questions. Every MicroLab has a clear goal and a clear output. After an online preparation (and qualification) you will start working with your own educational material during the MicroLab. On the picture below (left) you can see a meeting where teachers work on an interactive set-up of their lectures.The other picture shows teachers working on their own theater skills under the guidance of a professional training actor. At the end of each MicroLab you create a Proof of Competence (PoC) for your own education. If this PoC meets the requirements, you will receive a registration in the EUR's HR system and a virtual badge.

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MicroLab: How to design an assessment plan and matrix for your course?
MicroLab: How to activate studentsí prior knowledge in your course?
MicroLab: How to blend your course with Canvas?
MicroLab: How to create an educational video for your course?
MicroLab: How to construct MC questions and exams?
MicroLab: How to construct open-ended questions and rubrics?
MicroLab: How to lecture with impact?
MicroLab: How to activate students in small groups?
MicroLab: How to analyze and evaluate your assessment?
MicroLab: How to engage your students with storytelling and theatre skills?
MicroLab: How to connect coaching to learning?
MicroLab: How to create a culturally inclusive classroom?
MicroLab Escapegame - How to motivate students with gamebased learning elements?
MicroLab: How to encourage societal impact with your course
MicroLab: How to supervise thesis students
MicroLab: How to integrate (peer)feedback in your course
MicroLab Webinar: Feedback Fruits
MicroLab: How to design impact driven education
MicroLab Webinar: Impact driven education
MicroLab Webinar: How to visualize your content
MicroLab voor TA's en tutoren: How to provide effective written feedback to students
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