Creative Services and Video Recording

Risbo are able to provide a range of creative services to assist with the development of your videos for a MOOC or for a standalone project. Products include:

Many topics discussed in education are hard to visualize or explain with only speech or text, which is why Risbo now offers animation creation for education. Animations are a great method of breaking down complex ideas, theories and processes into a clear and engaging story, which can be used in online education or blended learning. This method of video has also been found to increase knowledge retention, student engagement and accommodates for different learning styles.

After an initial consultation regarding the topic of the video, Risbo will work with you and your animation script to create a professional animated video using the whiteboard animation software Videoscribe.

Camera Training
For many lecturers, discussing their specialization or research on camera is a novel and nerve-wracking experience. To feel more comfortable in the studio, camera training is a recommended and constructive component for creating an educational video, and is a service that Risbo are happy to organize and schedule for you in preparation of your recording. The session lasts on average for three hours with a professional trainer where you and a maximum of three others practice presenting inside the EUR studio.

The training will begin with an introduction and tips for when you are in the studio and how to act in front of the camera. Next, you and other colleagues in the session will be filmed practicing the scripts and (if available) presentations. Watching your colleagues practicing their scripts is beneficial to them because it provides additional feedback from people they know and trust. It is also beneficial for you to see how others act in front of the camera and may provide you with amendments for your own recordings and scripts.

Video Recordings
When your scripts are finalized and you’re feeling comfortable in front of the camera, we can also assist you with the final video recordings. Most educational videos are created at the EUR studio, where the Media Support Centre team will guide you through the process. If you’re interested in leaving the four walls of the studio and you would like to record on location, a skilled MOOC videographer can be booked to ensure that the final video output is professional and attractive.


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