Blended Learning Support

Risbo can support teachers or study programs in the development or optimization of blended learning: educational innovation through the effective use of digital resources. This can be done at both course level and at educational level.

For the support in the development of activating blended education, Risbo uses a phased approach (design phase - development phase - realization / implementation phase). Each phase encompasses a number of activities in which Risbo can play a role. Below is a selection of these options, based on current insights:

For the design phase, it is important that a design framework is developed that is widely supported by the teachers (and other stakeholders). Risbo can play a role in 'calibrating sessions' in order to clarify and further develop design principles. Choices that have to be made relate to the structure of the course (both online and offline) and the coherence of the curriculum, but also, for example, the desired degree of use of digital resources. Risbo also supports the actual educational design of the course in the form of a storyboard with learning objectives, learning materials, learning activities (in-class / out-of-class) and testing and in the development of an action plan. Risbo can of course advise on suitable working methods and tools.

In the development phase Risbo works with the teachers to develop the intended learning tools (e.g. scripts, knowledge clips, and slides), learning activities (e.g. assignments, instructions) and testing. The role of Risbo consists of educational advice and educational feedback on the products to be developed.

In the realization phase, Risbo supports the authoring of the (audiovisual) learning materials in the intended learning environment (for example Canvas) and any other practical aspects that should make a successful implementation possible. If desired, Risbo can also coach in the implementation of the newly developed blended education.

Finally, it is also possible that Risbo takes on project coordination. Overarching, Risbo can also support the development and motivation of educational preconditions by participating as advisor in consultative structures such as project consultations, working groups or intervision groups.


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