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A MOOC is a Massive Open Online Course, in short, a series of lessons that can be followed online, free of charge, anywhere in the world. Typical are the videos in which a teacher explains the content in short films. However, a successful MOOC consists of much more than just video.
Risbo supports MOOC development on the EUR. We offer a package of various possible Risbo MOOC Development Services:

Technical Support
EUR MOOCs are launched on the Coursera platform, the largest provider of MOOCs internationally. Risbo is the first point of contact for Coursera on behalf of EUR and also supports cooperation with Coursera from the EUR.

Project Management
For the development of MOOCs, a multidisciplinary team is needed that combines high-quality content, educational (didactic) expertise, technical expertise and 'branding' into a high-quality whole. A MOOC expert from Risbo can take the role of project leader or coordinator in the development of a MOOC. This means, among other things, that we bring the various parties together (such as Marketing & Communication, the Media Support Center, content experts and educational experts) and that we monitor project planning.

Educational support
Contextual imageRisbo can support the design and development of a MOOC based on educational expertise. For the design we bring together all the necessary expertise in a Carpe Diem Workshop, a method for 'rapid course design', in which we work together on a storyboard for the MOOC. From educational expertise we can also give feedback on the scripts and help improve the quality of the videos or animations. We can also think about the assignments in the MOOC, and we can give feedback on in-video quizzes and assessments or help developing them.

Creative services
Risbo also offers the possibility to develop animations for MOOCs. For more information about the possibilities regarding animations, click here.


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