Risbo’s first MOOC now live on Coursera

13 februari 2018
Whereas Risbo have worked with many of EUR’s faculties creating MOOCs, Risbo are now proud to announce the launch of their own MOOC focussing on Assessment in Higher Education.
Assessment plays an important role in steering the learning process of students. Next to that, the results of assessments often have far reaching consequences for their educational or even professional careers. Therefore it is important that we are very sure that our methods of assessment are reliable, accurate and provide a valid representation of students’ abilities.
The content within Assessment in Higher Education is tailored to the Basic Qualification Examination in higher education. The MOOC contains, among other things, videos from educational consultants at Risbo, instructional animations and exercises that will guide teachers and lecturers in how to design, construct, analyse and evaluate their own assessments. In addition, we offer different perspectives on assessment via interviews with experts, teachers and students.

If you are interested in enhancing your own teaching skills, sign up for the MOOC on Coursera. Additionally, for those interested in further training related to assessments, didactics and leadership, keep yourself updated on our website.


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