Who we are and what we do

Risbo is an independent institution for research, training and advice, linked to the Erasmus School of Social and Behavioral Sciences. For some 25 years our experts have worked intensively on three themes: educational consultancy, research and training programmes, metropolitan (social) issues, and innovations in the public domain. Our strength lies in our scientific approach, combined with a pragmatic, project-oriented method. We enjoy taking on challenges. So for complex issues and finding the answer to difficult questions, you're in the right place with us.

We study each individual issue extensively, produce a tailor-made plan and then get to work. In doing so our basis is current, relevant scientific research knowledge and methods, to which we add our innovative ideas. This planned method leads us towards high-quality end-products and services. And naturally all this is done in close consultation with our clients.

Challenging contemporary issues
Examples of questions we have answered:

  • How do you create a well-designed online or blended teaching module?
  • What are evidence-based successful measures to promote the academic success of students at the course and curriculum levels?
  • What role can Big Data play for public organisations?
  • What are the (practical and strategic) implications of social media for the national government and its ministries, for instance?
  • What are the opportunities and limitations of the Future Internet for the government?
  • How can you prevent neighbourhoods ending up in a downward spiral?
  • How can you ensure that people with a disability or other limitation can live on their own?
  • How do European cities provide a platform which combats poverty effectively?

Quality is paramount
Our clients have judged our work to be very good. Nevertheless we aspire to continue improving. That's why we ask our clients to evaluate each and every project. We want to learn our strengths and where to improve. We use this information to improve our work continually. We also work on perfecting the quality of our internal and external processes. To guarantee this, we are ISO-certified.

Our most important clients are educational institutions (universities, colleges, secondary vocational schools, secondary schools), ministries, municipalities, other research institutions, public organisations, the EU and Nuffic.

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