Educational Support Leadership Challenge (Higher Education Edition)

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The Erasmus Center for Data Analytics (ECDA) is a center for cross-disciplinary insight on data, AI and digitalization at Erasmus University Rotterdam. The purpose of ECDA is to facilitate the Erasmus University and its public and private partner organizations in preparing society for a data-driven future, hands-on and human-centered, towards a sustainable world.

ECDA provides active and collaborative training programmes called ‘Leadership Challenges’. A Leadership Challenge programme combines the science of business, data and societal perspectives. Participants – who usually join with a company team of 3 to 5 persons – acquire a broad knowledge and diverse skills related to data analytics which may lead to new insights that drive new value creation opportunities. Such learning by doing manifests itself along two dimensions: across multiple levels (individual, group, and corporate) and across multiple functions.

ECDA developed a specific Leadership Challenge for professionals in Higher Education. As the programme is still under construction, ECDA asked Risbo to provide educational support and consultancy regarding two main questions:
- How can we strenghten the constructive alignment of the programme?
- How can we provide a sense of community among the participants that goes beyond the learning experience and lasts after the programme is completed.

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