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(tbv website, ca. 10 regels) The Corona Research Super Project is a multidisciplinary group project that started as a collaboration of Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) and Erasmus MC. In this new form of academic education more than 60 students work together with 20 members of the academic staff of both institutions. Students from various educational programs work in teams on a variety of topics to better understand the COVID-19 pandemic. (This text is a copy from the website:
The Corona Research Super Project (CRSP) is a minor offered by the Nano-Biology Bachelor- program. When the Corona Measures came of force, the program was looking for a solution for the students to complete their internship. In just a few weeks the minor was developed as an alternative. The minor was a great success, and now, the Program Director would like to take the time to design a new minor, namely ‘’Nanobiology Transdisciplinary Minor’’. This minor will then build upon the ideas of the CRSP minor.
The new minor will be offered to the students in September 2023. Risbo is asked to support the design of the Nano Biology transdisciplinary minor by providing 5 redesign sessions.

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