Basic Didactics and Group Dynamics ISS 2022

Opdrachtgever: ISS

In the Basic Didactics module, the participants actively work with different didactic basic concepts:
analyzing the initial situation of students.
defining learning objectives.
designing and implementing education.
motivate & activate students.
asking questions effectively in education.

The Basic Didactics module has a blended outline, which means that prior to the training the participants will receive preparatory assignments in our Canvas environment. Also prior to the training, the participants will receive an email with access to Canvas and the necessary theory and preparatory assignments. The preparation in advance offers the possibility to offer the training in half a day. In the training, the content takes place in which participants themselves actively apply the new information in cases, simulations, and assignments that they carry out. There is also room for reflection, discussion, and peer feedback. The participants also prepare a short activating educational activity that they will try out during part 2 of the training. This is intended to allow you to look back and reflect on how the implementation went.

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