Development of an interactive innovative course on museum

Opdrachtgever: CLI-ESHCC

The new MA elective course on Museums is envisioned to provide a topic to serve as discussion point for the application of core theories of three MA programs: Cultural Economics and Entrepreneurship; Arts, Culture and Society; and Place, Culture and Tourism. Each year, a handful museums will provide a ‘real life’ problem which students will provide a solution for in groups. The course will provide the discussion space for the critical analysis of the situation and for the creative development of a solution based on the core theories.

There are two innovative parts to this new course: first, students will be asked to work theoretically to solve a ‘real life’ problem and secondly making use of additional audiovisual tools to support the discussions of theories.

Risbo is asked to support the development of this course with a design session and support for the development of the new materials.

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