Southern African Academic Leadership Programme for Tshwane University of Technology

Opdrachtgever: Tschwane University of Technology

Since the transition in 1994, higher education in South Africa has seen a tremendous growth in number of students and, hence, staff. The rapid growth and the fact that many experienced academic leaders (middle and senior level) just retired or are close to retirement, gives TUT on one hand the opportunity to have a more diverse and balanced staff at management level, but on the other hand the challenge to bring in enough expertise. Risbo supports together with University Groningen middle managers of Tshwane University of Technology in becoming academic leaders. This project, which lasts two years and consists of several hands-on workshops (on leadership skills, change management skills, management skills, educational themes), will form part of the bigger TUT management development strategy. During the project participants will develop and implement an innovation project within their own faculty.

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