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The University Council represents the students and employees of EUR at a senior level. The University Council functions as a mouthpiece for all students and employees of EUR and holds regular meetings with the Executive Board on the policy in the area of education, research and personnel, administrative and infrastructural matters. In the future, the members want to gather feedback from students and employees through surveys and focus groups relating to four different subjects: a) participation and the good conversation, b) digitalization, c) towards a sustainable workforce and d) diversity. The goal is to get an overview of opinions, comments, complaints and suggestions on these topics. Consequently the representatives want to translate the gathered information into readable and informative (policy) reports.
Risbo has been asked to develop and conduct one training session in which student and staff members of the University Council learn about constructing and designing a survey and using the results to write a readable and informative report. In the second training session the focus will be on organizing and practicing focus groups and translating the results into a report. Both training sessions will be completely customized and focus on the four subjects the University Council members are actually dealing with.

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