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This Strategic Partnership is one of the spin-offs of the SIRIUS European Policy Network on Education of Migrant Children and builds on key policy recommendations from SIRIUS to reduce the achievement gap between native and non-native pupils in Europe. The Partnership is named after a bright star, AVIOR. The star is invisible from the Northern hemisphere, referring to the multitude of language skills that migrant children bring to the classrooms, but which often remain hidden to their teachers. The partnership brings together seven organizations from six countries. We are research and training centres, NGOs and network organizations.

Objectives and activities:
Our goal is to improve the basic numeracy and literacy skills of migrant children and to reduce the achievement gap between native and non-native pupils in Europe. By collaborating and sharing best practices at European level, we can reduce the costs of producing bilingual materials, improve teacher professional competence and enhance migrant parental involvement in the learning process of their children.
The ultimate beneficiaries of this project are primary school children between 4-8 years with migrant backgrounds who speak a different language at home than the school language. The target groups are teachers, teacher trainers, school leaders, parents and migrant communities, schools, municipalities, Ministries of Education and EU policy makers.

Expected results and impact:
Our bilingual materials in numeracy and literacy learning will be online available as open educational resources. Together with our study visits and our local case studies, we expect to impact:

  • school leaders and teachers who will be better prepared to meet the needs of diverse pupils groups with different languages, in particular regarding basic literacy and numeracy skills;
  • teachers and teacher trainers who will have increased capacity to cater to the needs of multilingual children with a migrant background in acquiring basic numeracy and literacy skills by using digital bilingual resources;
  • pupils who will have greater opportunities to learn the instruction language through their mother tongues in regular school lessons and to acquire better and faster command of basic numeracy and literacy skills;
  • schools who will be encouraged to use more bilingual educational material and thereby become more inclusive;
  • policy makers who will have gained deeper insight into obstacles and opportunities to use bilingual and mother tongue materials in classrooms.

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