Basic Didactics Course

The course Basic Didactics is especially meant for the PhD students (AIO's) who are employed by the Erasmus University. The PhD students are considered to be the future University teachers. Without any specific training they are often already engaged in teaching. Additionally the basic course is open to teachers who wish, on their own initiative, to further develop their didactical skills.

The goals
The course commences from a begin situation where a teacher finds himself confronted with questions such as:
How do I prepare for my lessons? How am I going to teach? How do I interact with my students? and: How am I going to evaluate the study results?

The general goal of the course is:
Preparing participants for teaching assignments. This preparation comprises the mastering of the following didactical competencies:

1. composing of courses, lectures, workshops and workgroups;
2. utilization of an effective teaching method based on their own personal style;
3. choosing appropriate teaching tools;
4. using proper methods of interactivity with the students;
5. evaluating the learning results of the students.

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