UTQ University Teaching Qualification

Didactical professionalization of new university teachers at the EUR The course University Teaching Qualification offers you the opportunity as a (new) lecturer at Erasmus University Rotterdam to develop your competences in order to teach as effectively as possible. During the training you develop or improve your competences in the area of designing educational courses, teaching, individual supervision of students and testing and evaluation. When you successfully complete the course University Teaching Qualification, you will receive a certificate. If you have furthermore proven that you have sufficient English skills, you will also receive the University Teaching Qualification or 'Basiskwalificatie Onderwijs' (BKO). The BKO is one of the conditions for receiving a permanent contract as a member of the university staff. Furthermore, with the BKO you will be accepted by all Dutch universities without further examination as a qualified academic lecturer. For more information or participation click here, or contact: Judith Tersteeg (tersteeg@risbo.eur.nl) You can find more information about English Language courses at the EUR here: http://www.eur.nl/ttc/medewerkers/taalcursussen/engels/

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