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November 2020

Serious gaming from home with 200 first year students

Risbo has developed an online variant of the simulation game 'IF' with ESHPM, devised by ESHPM teachers. In the game, students are confronted with the outbreak of a fictitious infectious disease, and they experience at first-hand how in the role of, for example, a minister, youth representative or healthcare professional decision-making comes about in such a complex situation. During the game, the students have to negotiate with each other and respond to news developments. This year, playing the real-life pandemic simulation game was not only very topical, but also more challenging than ever, because the game had to be played online this year.

At the end of October, the 200 first-year students of the Health Sciences degree program and their IF teachers played in 12 simultaneous online game environments. Students negotiated a lot about measures and decisions to slow down the virus outbreak. Students and teachers experienced the game as an educational experience and a ray of hope in times of online education.

See more information and media coverage about IF. Would you like to know more about the serious game or (online) serious gaming in education in general? Please feel free to contact ligtvoet@risbo.eur.nl.

Dates for upcoming SKO / SUTQ trajectory spring 2021 announced

The dates for the upcoming Senior University Teaching Qualification trajectory are set. This inspiring and challenging trajectory aimed at educational innovation is accessible for lecturers with an UTQ certificate and 5 years of teaching experience. The mandatory plenary meetings are on the following days:
  • Intake interviews in February 2021
  • Kick-off teaching lab: 15 and 16 March
  • Teaching lab 2: 14 & 15 June
  • Study trip with overnight stay: September 30 and October 1
  • Teaching lab 3: 22 and 23 November
  • SKO mini symposium: January 13, 2022

For registration and / or more information, mail Alice van de Vooren, program manager SUTQ trajectory (vandevooren@risbo.eur.nl).

Testimonial SKO alumnus Dr. Frank Eijkenaar, Associate Professor at ESHPM:
Participation in the SUTQ process made me think and work about how I can best organize and improve my education, and why. In addition to strengthening some of my existing views on what constitutes good university education, the program has also brought me new insights. Perhaps the most important of these is that structurally making time to talk to colleagues about education (innovation) and to exchange experiences is very valuable and can provide a lot of inspiration for one's own educational practice.

New: TeachEUR platform for activating teaching methods

TeachEUR is the EUR platform to go to for activating teaching methods! This application has been developed to inspire and encourage teachers to use a wider range of teaching methods. The CLI project started in 2019 and last summer the TeachEUR application went live with 22 activating teaching methods for online and offline education. The teaching methods are structured using a number of filters, including the purpose of the activity, the group size and the duration of the activity.
Interested? Go to www.eur.nl./teacheur and search for suitable teaching methods for your educational situation!

Finally, TeachEUR is not just a library of teaching methods: it is a living collection that grows and develops through the advancing insights of all its users. Do you have ideas, feedback or a teaching method that you want to share with your EUR colleagues? Send an email to cli@eur.nl!

New MicroLab: how to supervise students

In November we will start with two full cohorts of our new MicroLab about supervision. This MicroLab has been set up to help teachers and PhD students with thesis supervision and coaching. The MicroLab is a short “how-to” training with a preparation for Canvas and an interactive (online) session about coaching and guiding students. The MicroLab supervision focuses on: how do I motivate students, how do I ask effective questions during the thesis process, listening at deeper levels, giving feedback to students and how to influence student behavior in the thesis process. The MicroLab will be open for registrations in the spring. Do you want to know more? You can request information from training@risbo.eur.nl.

Reflecting on online education ESHCC

Online education is now a reality for many students in higher education. When the Corona measures came into effect in March, every teacher quickly retrained to be able to provide online education. In this half year, a great many innovations have been initiated and new initiatives have taken off.
Risbo has started a project together with the Learning Innovation Team of ESHCC to reflect on the education provided in the past six months, what is already going well and what could be improved? With focus groups and an online survey, information is collected among the teachers about their experiences in redesigning a course to online education and thereby indicating improvements that can still be used for future courses. An important part of the project is also collecting best practices, to ensure that good initiatives are not lost.

Would you like to know more about this project? Please contact Mandy Hollander (hollaner@risbo.eur.nl.

Customized Webinar about online course design for ESHPM

In addition to the generally accessible webinars that Risbo provides for the CLI, we also provide tailor-made webinars for faculties.

For example, we recently designed a webinar for ESHPM, in which a number of good practices regard-ing online education formats were presented through videos recorded by the course coordinators themselves. For example, the experiences of students and tutors with the online brainstorming pro-gram Miro were shared, as well as an alternative online method for a physical practical. The examples were supplemented with substantiation from research and educational tips from Risbo. The partici-pants in the webinar were very inspired by the webinar.

For more information and possibilities, contact Alice van de Vooren and Remy Fermont.
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