Come and join us at one of our education events this summer!

MicroLab Summer Festival

Summer is almost here! How has this academic year been for you as a teacher? Crazy busy? New courses maybe? Hopefully a lot of motivated students? Summer is often a time to reflect. What has been going well in your teaching? And what would you like to improve?

To have an inspiring start of your summer we would like invite you to the MicroLab Festival. MicroLabs are short how-to modules about specific educational issues, for example: how can I make more interactive lectures? How can I use storytelling in my course? How can I make my course more inclusive? Or how do I construct good assessments?

During the MicroLab Festival there is a whole week of all different MicroLabs in which you could partipate. Each MicroLab has a clear goal and a clear result. After an online preparation (and qualification), in the MicroLab, you start working on your own teaching materials. This means that after the MicroLab, you will have a concrete result for your own teaching.

Please feel welcome to participate and have an inspiring start of your summer. But also take into account that every MicroLab needs about 3/4 hours of preparation, therefore we would recommend to participate in at most 2 MicroLabs during the Festival.

The MicroLab Summer Festival will be held from the 8th of July till the 11th of July. Wanna join us? Click here for information on the program and the MicroLabs.

Online proctoring for Remote Examination Multiplier Event

Do you want to know more about online proctoring and what it can do for your education? Then this “Online proctoring for Remote Examination Multiplier Event” (OP4RE) is the one for you! Upcoming 28th of June the project team of the Erasmus+ funded project will be presenting all the ins and outs of online proctoring in Hatfield, UK. Want to join this event? Then read further below!

The OP4RE project

Online proctoring is a web-based solution that can be embedded within an existing assessment environment to proctor exams remotely in a safe and controlled manner. How? By recording the screen, audio and webcam footage of the student and his/her environment either live, by record and review or by software. Online proctoring supports location and time independent assessments, thus flexible education. Additionally, it makes assessments accessible for international students and students currently studying in another country.

Together with several other European Higher Education Institutions, Risbo / the Erasmus University Rotterdam joined forces in the Erasmus+ funded project to find the answers to several crucial questions related to the use of online proctoring in higher education. Such questions relate to EU-wide regulations concerning privacy, security and reliability of remote testing, and how online proctoring can support access to higher education throughout the European higher education system.

The OP4RE project is currently one of the largest global research projects into online assessment. The outcomes from OP4RE are expected to set the standard for online proctoring and offer a significant contribution to the field of delivering safe and secure online examinations.

The multiplier event

On Friday June 28 2019 in Hatfield, UK the multiplier event will take place. At the event we will be sharing recommendations relating to the following areas of conducting online examinations:
  • Managing a secure remote examination environment
  • The development of rule books according to European legislation remote proctoring
  • Building an excellent student experience of online proctored examinations
  • Ensuring the privacy of student data throughout the proctoring and assessment process

As a participant in the event you’ll be provided with some ‘recipes of success’ in online assessment and the main ‘take-aways’ from the OP4RE project all through interactive collaborative sessions.

For more information on the outline of the event go to the OP4RE website. Click here for registration to the event.

Want to know more?

Are you interested in the possibilities of online proctoring in your education? Contact us! We have a lot of practical flyers about online proctoring available for you that will help you start off with the proctoring process.
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