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June 2017

Summer course Basic Didactics

Just before the start of the new academic year, Risbo is giving a three day course offering the opportunity to actively explore various didactic basic concepts. The course focuses on the three pillars of education: execution, development and testing. Associated themes include motivating your students, using digital learning tools, active work forms, giving feedback and designing test questions. The aim is that the theory presented can be immediately used in practice.

Target group and required prior knowledge
The Basic Didactics course is primarily intended for research assistants (AIOs), PhD students and lecturers with little teaching experience. It may also be interesting for tutors taking part in the BKO-EVC programme to refresh and expand their knowledge and skills. No specific prior knowledge is required for this course.

The Summer Course Basic Didactics (in English) starts on Wednesday 16th August. The second day will be on Friday 18th August, ending on Friday 23rd August.

For more information and registration, send an e-mail to info@risbo.eur.nl.

CEL Academic Teaching Lab: Innovate your course in two days!

The CEL Academic Teaching Lab is an exclusive opportunity for university teachers to immerse themselves in educational innovation for two days.

CEL would like to invite teachers from the universities of Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Rotterdam that are planning to innovate their course to participate in the Academic Teaching Lab. The CEL Academic Teaching Lab is an exclusive opportunity for university teachers to immerse themselves in educational innovation for two days. The participants collaborate with colleagues and experts to improve their academic course through very practical and hands-on learning.
The next edition of the Academic Teaching Lab will be organised on Thursday the 16th and Friday the 17th of November 2017.

Click this link for more information and registration.

Fourth Senior Qualification Education (SKO) programme launches

The fourth SKO programme launched in June with an active teaching lab, where the 15 participating EUR tutors immersed themselves in designing high quality, innovative further education. Over the coming 3/4 years, the group of participants will be working on various goals within the SKO programme, in particular focusing on trying out a new approach to their own education practice.

The third SKO programme ended in April 2017 with a successful mini-symposium in the Erasmus Pavilion, during which the participants shared their results with their faculty colleagues and any other interested people. Most of the participants have now completed their SKO programme with a final interview regarding their SKO portfolio and have received their certificate. Congratulations!

Looking ahead to a new SKO programme at the beginning of 2018, anyone interested can contact Alice van de Vooren.

Closing event Tutor Academy TAs ESE

On Tuesday 6 June, advisors and training actors from Risbo gave various interactive workshops at the Closing Event of the Tutor Academy ESE.

One day training for TAs by Risbo
The event is a followup for the training sessions Risbo gives all year round. During these sessions, the TAs learn presentation skills, how to give feedback, motivate and activate their students and manage difficult situations. The feedback which each TA receives during the training, in combination with his/her own reflection, is then used by the Tutor Academy Teacher when coaching TAs.

What is the Tutor Academy?
The ESE Tutor Academy provides training, coaching and support to TAs at ESE. The aim of the Tutor Academy is to contribute to good quality and small scale bachelor programmes within ESE.

Closing Event
During the TA event on 6 June, the TAs were thanked for their good contribution to the bachelor programme at ESE. They were able to take part in short interactive workshops about Active Learning, Guiding Discussions in Class, Group Dynamics and Scaffolding.

More information?
Are you interested in training specifically focused on TAs? If so, contact one of our trainers.

MOOCs update

Recently, two new MOOCs went live. Risbo advisors supported their development:
The Politics of Scepticism
Landscape Restoration for Sustainable Development: a Business Approach

Politics of Scepticism
Do you want to know more about the history of scepticism from the ancient Greeks to modern day? And do you want to explore the systematic relationships between scepticism and politics? In this MOOC, you study several defining moments in the history of scepticism, the religious and political ramifications and the continuing philosophical relevance for science and modern society.
This MOOC was developed by the Philosophy Faculty.

Landscape Restoration for Sustainable Development: a Business Approach
How can you start successful companies and restore landscapes at the same time? This MOOC is about landscape degradation and landscape restoration from both a natural science and an economics and business perspective. Landscape degradation is a global and ‘wicked’ problem which contributes to the exhaustion of natural sources. It has serious consequences for both the environment and society. In the MOOC, business tools are offered to achieve landscape restoration and landscape management in a professional way.

This MOOC was developed by the European Network for the Advancement of Business and Landscape Education (ENABLE) which is also co-funded by Erasmus+. The Teachers in the MOOC come from RSM, Commonland, University of Leeds and the United Nations University.
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