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September 2016

Academic Teaching Lab to take place on 17 and 18 November - enrol now!

The second Academic Teaching Lab will take place on 17 and 18 November 2016.The Academic Teaching Lab is an exclusive opportunity for a maximum of 12 university teachers to immerse themselves in educational innovation for two days.
In the two-day lab session you will develop a concrete design for educational improvement of your own course(s) and a plan for developing and implementing your improved course.

Would you like to enrol?
Please click here for more information about the Academic Teaching Lab, conditions of participation and to enrol.

Deadline for submitting a proposal
The deadline for enrolment and submission of a proposal is Friday 30 September. Candidates with the best proposals will be selected for free participation in the Academic Teaching Lab.

Click here to get an impression of the first Academic Teaching Lab.

Didactic training programme for PhD candidates in collaboration with the Erasmus Graduate School of Social Sciences and the Humanities

Advanced PhD candidates wishing to gain didactic experience and teaching skills can enrol for a Risbo training programme via the Graduate School of Social Sciences and Humanities PhD professional development training.

Participants will join an interactive programme involving extensive didactic basic skills practice. A follow-up course will focus on various classroom situations, with the teaching role being practised with support from training actors. Lesson observation with feedback from an experienced educational expert can also be offered. Enrolment can take place throughout the year as new groups are formed regularly and training dates are determined in consultation with participants.

More information is available via this website of the graduate school.

If you wish to enrol, please send an email to training@risbo.eur.nl, under the header Didactic Training PhD EGS3H.

Degree Programme Committees’ Professional Development Training in partnership with Academic Affairs department

EUR’s General Affairs department, Project Leader Bieneke Verheijke, has established a project to strengthen the EUR Degree Programme Committees (DPCs). Risbo is offering teaching support for the ‘learning and development’ component within this project.

Professional development needs will be determined in sessions with members and chairs of the DPCs, after which various activities will be developed. This could involve training activities for both students and lecturers, as well as facilitated peer review sessions. Pilots will start in the autumn to implement and evaluate the activities. After this, the training can then be incorporated structurally within EUR for new and existing DPC members.

Launch Deception Detox – How solid science can help you save the world

The EUC MOOC Deception Detox is in the final stages. The last components are currently being created in Coursera, after which the final review will take place. The MOOC is expected to be launched in October. This MOOC presents research methods in an accessible way and draws links between scientific research and improving the world. According to research, what can you really do to improve the world? And how do you recognise “bad science” in the media?

Erasmus+ project Online Proctoring granted!

Risbo is part of the international consortium that received the Erasmus + grant for the project “Online Proctoring for Remote Examination”. With online proctoring students can be examined off campus, online and in a safe environment.

The international consortium aims to support the development of online proctoring within higher education institutes. The project will explore and further investigate current practices of remote examination in order to gather state-of-the-art and best practices on current European approaches to remote examination.

Risbo will be in the lead of exploring the impact of remote examination on accreditation of educational programmes and will develop, as a result, a remote examination “rulebook". The rulebook will be based on existing laws, rules and procedures in the participating countries, but also on best practices and specific solutions that have either already been established or will be established during the project. Next to that, Risbo will perform various pilots at the EUR in order to further develop, test and implement the remote examination practices.

MOOCs in progress!

11 MOOCs have been started, are in development or are almost ready. An overview is given below:

- Deception Detox – How solid science can help you save the world (EUC)
- Economics from a pluralist perspective (ISS & RSM)
- Research Methods (IHS)
- Climate Change (IHS)
- Financing Urban Infrastructure (IHS).
- Examination (Risbo).
- Local Economic Development (ISS & IHS)
- Perspectives on organization, management & finance in healthcare: global & local (ECZ)
- Philosophy, politics and economics (FW)

Would you like to know more about the development of MOOCs? Or are you interested to develop your own MOOC? Please contact our MOOCs project manager Kris Stabel.
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