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February 2016

Academic Teaching Lab: The Pressure Cooker for Innovation

Last November 2015, the Centre of Education and Learning organized the Academic Teaching Lab. During this two-day event, twelve teachers from the universities of Leiden, Delft and Erasmus Rotterdam worked on innovating their education. Boukje van Reijn, of the faculty of Architecture TU Delft, was one of them. Read here about her experiences and know that the registration for the next edition is open now.

Next edition of the Academic Teaching Lab
The next opportunity to participate in the Academic Teaching Lab is on the 21st and 22nd of April. On the website of the Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Rotterdam Centre for Education and Learning you can find more information and instructions for applying.

If you have any questions regarding the Academic Teaching Lab, please contact Gerard Baars (baars@risbo.eur.nl).

Training module Designing Active, Blended Learning

"Tell me and I'll listen, show me and I'll understand, involve me and I'll learn".

Risbo has produced a training module for lecturers that concentrates on the design of active, blended learning. Blended learning is a combination of 'traditional' teaching sessions and online learning. This module is open to lecturers who want to learn more about it and apply their newly acquired knowledge and skills to their own teaching.

The aim of the workshop is to teach the participants how to make their own teaching methods more effective by thinking about which learning activities should be done during contact sessions with their students, which activities can be done at other times and which digital means can be used for that purpose. The workshop participants are required to design a prototype of a 'blended' teaching session (either new or existing) with active elements and to test it when teaching their own students.
The training module has been customised for teams of lecturers and consists of 3-4 contact sessions spread over a number of weeks. In the meantime, the participants work on their own designs, using a digital learning environment. The price of the module 'Designing Active, Blended Learning' is 600 per participant.

For further information about the training module 'Designing Active, Blended Learning', please contact Kris Stabel (stabel@risbo.euro.nl) or Marit Nieuwenhuys (nieuwenhuys@risbo.eur.nl).

STQ programme 2016-2017 for senior lecturers. Apply now!

The Senior Teacher Qualification programme (STQ), an inspirational follow-up to the UTQ programme, is once again open for applications. The completion of an STQ course is one of the conditions for the position of University Senior Lecturer.

The STQ provides the following exit qualifications:
1. Excellent teaching abilities, appropriate for various teaching situations.
2. The ability to demonstrably improve and/or innovate education, based on course evaluations, pedagogic research and the use of ICT.
3. The ability to review the lecturer's own teaching methods, to report on them and/or present the results.
4. The ability to supervise and support colleagues.
5. The ability to contribute to improvements in education by actively taking part in a programme committee, a faculty task force focused on innovation in education, an examining board or a similar committee.

If you would like to know more, please contact Alice van de Vooren.

Apply now
Applications should be sent by e-mail to Alice van de Vooren as soon as possible (by 26 February 2016 at the latest): vandevooren@risbo.eur.nl
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