MicroLab: How to supervise thesis students

Many employees at the Erasmus University will supervise students during their academic
career. But how do you supervise students well during their learning process? This MicroLab will focus on different areas of student supervision and coaching skills, such as active listening, motivating your students, and provides practical models to work with during your supervision.

Target group and required prior knowledge
The MicroLab is intended for lecturers, PhD students, or supervisors who want to improve their coaching skills in supervising students during their learning process. No specific prior knowledge is required.

Goals / competencies
After this MicroLab you are able to apply basic supervision skills to support students in writing their thesis. You are able to:
- Ask effective questions to stimulate student reflection.
- Identify students' needs by (active) listening on deeper levels.
- Empower your students and provide structure by applying the GROW model.

Content, form and time investment
This MicroLab has a blended format which means you will do preparatory assignments in a Canvas environment which will give you the prior knowledge you need for the MicroLab session. There is one session for this MicroLab. Both the session and preparatory assignments are mandatory. For the preparatory assignments you will watch interactive videos, readings and put forward your own input and experience (if any). During the interactive MicroLab session, we will discuss the input and use different tools to work with the models and content. The MicroLab concludes with a Proof of Competence, in which you show how you will use your new supervising skills in practice. The Proof of Competence can also be found in the Canvas environment and can be made after the MicroLab session. The total time investment is approximately 11 hours (including preparation time, 4 hours MicroLab session, and time spend on Proof of Competence).

Assessment and badge
Your Proof of Competence will be assessed by the trainer. You will get a CLI/Risbo certificate, a LinkedIn badge and a HR-registration of completion.

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