MicroLab: How to create a culturally inclusive classroom?

In this MicroLab you work on creating an inclusive classroom environment in which students, regardless of their backgrounds (for example nationality, ethnic background, gender, physical health, social class, previous education), feel involved and are able to show their talents.

Target group and required prior knowledge
The MicroLab is intended for lecturers who, based on their own teaching experiences, want to improve interactions with and among students to stimulate a classroom environment in which diverse groups of students feel included and have a successful study experience. No specific prior knowledge is required.

Goals / competencies
After participating in this MicroLab:
- You are more aware of the impact of your teaching on the sense of belonging and achievements of diverse groups of students.
- You are more skilled to interact with your students from the perspective of diversity and inclusion, to manage collaboration between students from different backgrounds and/or to teach in a way that is challenging and appealing to diverse student groups.

Content, form and time investment
The MicroLab is demand-oriented. You put a concrete issue you are dealing with forward. For example, you experience that you can't fully reach certain groups of students during your lectures or your working groups: how can you involve them more? Or: the collaboration in project groups between students with or without Dutch previous education doesn't go well: how to improve the collaboration among your students? In preparation for the MicroLab, you will be provided scientific insights on diversity and inclusion in higher education and a preparatory assignment.

During the MicroLab-session you work on your specific case together with the other participants. An important part of the session is role playing: cases put forward by participants will be acted out by participants under the supervision of an experienced trainer actor. The topic of inclusive teaching will be approached from three different angles: the student's perspective, the power relation between teacher and student(s) and the interaction between teacher and student(s).

The Microlab concludes with a Proof of Competence, in which you show your efforts to make your education more inclusive. The content and format of this Proof of Competence depends on the topic submitted. The total time investment is approximately 8 hours (including preparation time, 2,5 hours MicroLab session, time spend on Proof of Competence).

Assessment and badge
Your Proof of Competence will be assessed by the trainer. You will get a CLI/Risbo certificate, a LinkedIn badge and a HR-registration of completion.

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