MicroLab: How to engage your students with storytelling and theatre skills

Storytelling is an important part of our society and history. It can be used as an educational tool to engage students, spark interest and stimulate critical thinking skills. It creates opportunities for discussion and stimulates a good relationship between teacher and learners.
In this MicroLab you will craft a personal story that helps you motivate your students and target their attention to the topic or issue you want them to focus on. With the help of theatre techniques you will learn to deliver your story in an inspiring and engaging way.

After the completion of the MicroLab the participant is able to:
- Craft a relevant and motivating story that supports the purpose of the course or educational session.
- Deliver a story with impact during an educational session.

Target group and required prior knowledge
Targetgroup of this MicroLab consists of all teachers, tutors or other staff that has to deliver educational sessions, such as tutorials, workshops or lectures. The skill of storytelling can benefit everyone who has to engage and motivate students in all kinds of study programms of the Erasmus University. No prior knowledge is needed.

Content, form and time investment
Based on the content of the online environment for this MicroLab, you will prepare the outline of a personal story.
During the Lab (3,5 hours) you will get the opportunity to craft a personal story for educational purposes. Together with the facilitators and other participants you will (re)design your story in order to get the best alignment with the content of your course.
After you have rewritten en finalised your story, it is time to deliver your story in the best way possible. You will practice different theatre techniques in order to deliver your story in the most inspiring way you can!

Proof of Competence
The Microlab will be completed with a Proof of Competence. You will get a CLI/Risbo certificate, a LinkedIn badge and a HR-registration of completion.

Part 1. Upload the final written story in the Canvas Learning environment.
Part 2. Upload a reflection report (approx 2 pages) on your delivered story to students. Also include some feedback from students.

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