MicroLab: How to analyze and evaluate your assessment?

An important step to take before communicating grades to students is to analyze students' performance on the different tasks or questions and to investigate the reliability of the grading. This can seem like a daunting task, but in this MicroLab you will discover low-key possibilities to analyze the results on your exam or assignment. This will provide you, as a teacher, with invaluable information. Not only about your students' performance, but on the quality of your assessment as well as your own teaching. What are the relevant aspects to investigate for you exam or assignment? And how do you draw conclusions and make plans for future improvements? Find out in this MicroLab!

After following this MicroLab you will be able to:
- Assess the quality of an assessment (based on your analysis of the exam/assignment, the grading and results)
- Take corrective measures and make decisions about students grades accordingly
- Evaluate the assessment in a course (based on feedback and reflection) and formulate future improvements

Target group and required prior knowledge
The MicroLab is intended for any teachers interested in learning from their assessment results, or looking to make future improvements to their assessment. The content is applicable to different types of assessment.

No specific prior knowledge is required, but familiarity with the quality criteria for construction of assessments is useful. This MicroLab is a good addition to the content of the UTQ and to our other Microlabs focused on assessment design and construction.

Form and time investment
The MicroLab consists of an online instruction and assignment in Canvas followed by a 3 hour workshop focused on active discussion, guided practice and peer learning. The preparation for the workshops will be mandatory for attendance, the time investment for the preparation is estimated at 2 hours.

Assessment and badge
The MicroLab will be completed with a Proof of Competence, which is also an opportunity to get feedback on your analysis and plans for improvement. You will get a CLI/Risbo certificate, a LinkedIn badge and a HR-registration of completion.

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