''By following the UTQ, I now have grip on WHY I teach in the way I do.'' This is what we strive for within our University Teaching Qualification Trajectory. You will discover what a good course design consists of and how you can improve your own course. After completing the trajectory, you are able to critically review and substantiate the way you design, deliver, and assess your education.
During the trajectory we will take you on a journey where you will reflect on your own teaching skills and vision on education, with the support of professional educational coaches.

In 2008, the Dutch Universities agreed to mutually recognize the University Teaching Qualification. Holders of the UTQ are recognized by other Dutch universities as qualified academic teachers. The University Teaching Qualification (UTQ) is mandatory for all teachers connected to a Dutch University.

UTQ - The Trajectory
These are the critical behaviors you will be working on during the UTQ trajectory:
- Write a personal vision on education, aligned with EUR Educational Strategy 2024.
- Describe/reflect on the constructive alignment in your course.
- Deliver inspiring education that meet the students' learning needs.
- Construct assessments based on the quality criteria (validity, reliability and transparency).
- Write a plan of improvement(s) for your course.
- And finally: reflect on the UTQ trajectory by showing your progress on the critical behaviors.
The trajectory starts with a kick-off session where you will get to know the UTQ process and the other participants. To support you and to get the best out of the trajectory, we provide four modules; design (1), deliver (2) supervise /feedback (3) assess (4). The UTQ has a blended set up, which means that each module starts with an online preparation in our learning environment. During the workshop session you will use your preparation work as content for the session. This gives us the opportunity to deepen your knowledge on the content and strengthen your skills with engaging activities in the session. After each module, you will work on building your own teaching portfolio. We find it important that you can use the products of your portfolio in your own teaching right away. Therefore, all products in your teaching portfolio are authentic, for example, we ask you to improve the student manual of your course. Your educational coach will support you in writing your portfolio and will also observe one of your teaching sessions. You will finish your UTQ trajectory with a graduation session with your UTQ peers and your supervisor. In the graduation session you will reflect on your progress, on the critical behaviors during the UTQ, and how you would like to further develop as a teacher.

The UTQ for your institution?
Next to participating in the UTQ at the Erasmus University, it is also possible to ask us to deliver the UTQ at your own Educational institution. At the moment, we deliver the UTQ at several Educational institutions. When you are interested in our trajectory, just let us know, so we can discuss how we can tailor the trajectory to the educational vision and needs of your Institution.

Interested in one of our trajectories?
More information can be found in our FAQ (in Dutch) here.

Apply for the UTQ
Please send an email to: training@risbo.eur.nl. Our secretary will send you an application form to confirm your application. You will receive an invitation two weeks at the latest prior to the kick off meeting.

Keep learning after the UTQ

An EUR teacher who completes the UTQ, has the opportunity to specialize further in their own educational quests. The CLI MICROLABS are an excellent opportunity for that. In a MicroLab you can work on the teaching skills that you would like to develop. We invite you to reflect on a deeper level on central themes like inclusive teaching or societal impact. Or you can broaden your skills with storytelling, integrating feedback in your course design, or get more expertise on assessment. The MicroLabs within Erasmus University Rotterdam offer you the opportunity to keep developing your teaching skills on themes or topics that suit you most.
Click here if you would like to know more about the Microlabs.

Basic Exam Qualification (BEQ)
You already learned a lot about assessment during the UTQ process. This will help you in the next step to achieving your Basic Exam Qualification (BEQ). This is a nationally recognized qualification for examiners in Higher Education, which we now also offer at EUR for lecturers.
Participants have the opportunity to obtain a BEQ certificate through the 3 Proof of Competences (PoC) of the Microlabs assessment 'How to design an assessment plan & matrix', 'How to construct mc questions & exams' OR 'How to construct open-ended questions & exams and assignments with Rubrics' and 'How to Analyze & Evaluate your assessment' in a portfolio together for assessment. Because of your knowledge from the UTQ, it is also possible to compile your portfolio without taken part in all the Microlabs. The Microlab about analyzing and evaluating your assessment is obligated for your BEQ, because we don't cover this topic in the UTQ itself.
For more information

Senior Teaching Qaulification(SUTQ)
Next, once you have over five years of teaching experience, it is also possible to take the next step in your teaching career, by participating in the Senior University Teacher Qualification (SUTQ) or Senior Examination Qualification.
In the SUTQ you are going to work towards fulfilling a senior teaching role within your school. During the trajectory you are going to work on an innovation project of your choice and broaden your skills in participating in a committee within your school. You can find more information about the SUTQ here.


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