MicroLab: How to create an educational video for your course?

In this MicroLab you will learn how to create an educational video that you can use in your own course. You will write a script for the video, make a corresponding PowerPoint presentation and then - after a camera training - record your knowledge clip in the Erasmus Studio. You can then use this video in your course.

After following this MicroLab you will be able to:
- Argue the relevance of scripting and its essential elements;
- Construct a didactically correct script for an educational video;
- Create an educational video from start to finish;
- Evaluate an educational script written by a peer.

Target group and required prior knowledge
This MicroLab is intended for lecturers who want to create a video for their own course. No specific prior knowledge is required.

Content, form and time investment
You will start with the online part where you will learn how to write a good script for your educational video. Next you will have a face-to-face meeting in the studio. A professional camera trainer will guide and train you in using the right camera techniques. After the camera training you will make a PowerPoint presentation and upload the final script on Canvas. You will review a script of a peer and you will also receive feedback on your script. Based on this feedback, you can adjust your script. Finally, the face-to-face meeting will take place in the studio where you will record your educational video. The total time investment is 15 hours (of which 70% online) spread over 5 weeks.

Proof of Competence
Your Proof of Competence (the educational video including a plan on how you will use it in your course) will be assessed by the trainer. You will get a CLI/Risbo certificate, a LinkedIn badge and a HR-registration of completion.

In our calendar you can find startingdates for this MicroLab
training calendar. Or sign up directly via Registration.
For questions: training@risbo.eur.nl.

The two face-to-face meetings (camera training of 1 hour p.p. and recording session of 1,5 hour p.p.) take place in week 2 and week 5 after the start date. Participants will be informed timely about the exact planning, which is dependent of the availability of the trainer and studio.

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