StartdatumCursus / trainingTijdstip
03-07-2023MicroLab: How to design an assessment plan and matrix .13.00-16.00
04-07-2023MicroLab Festival: How to create a culturally inclusive classroom? 09.30-12.30
04-07-2023MicroLab TeachEUR Summerfestival: How to activate students in small groups?09.30-10.30
04-07-2023MicroLab TeachEUR Summerfestival 2023:Consultancy time (coffee)10.30-11.30
04-07-2023MicroLab TeachEUR Summerfestival: How to activate large groups (50-500)11.30-12.30
04-07-2023MicroLab TeachEUR Summerfestival: Consultancy time (lunch)12.30-13.30
05-07-2023MicroLab: How to integrate Virtual Exchange into your course09.30-12.30
05-07-2023MicroLab Webinar: How to visualize your content14.00-15.00
05-07-2023Summerfestival MicroLab: How to supervise thesis students1300-1600
06-07-2023MicroLab: (for TA and TUTOR) How to provide effective written feedback to your students13.00-16.00
06-07-2023MicroLab: How to construct (group)assignments & alternative modes of assessment0930:12.30
07-07-2023MicroLab Escapegame: How to motivate students with gamebased learning elements09.30-12.30
10-07-2023MicroLab: How to construct MC questions and exams .13.00-16.00
11-07-2023MicroLab Webinar Feedback Fruits13.00-14.00
11-07-2023MicroLab: How to crate an inclusive course design09.30-12.30
12-07-2023MicroLab: How to integrate formative assessment in your course1300-1600
13-07-2023MicroLab: How to Analyze and evaluate your assessment0930-1230
13-07-2023MicroLab Webinar Effective educational videos to boost students' learning1300-1400
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