Overview of upcoming MicroLabs May July

23 april 2021
MicroLabs are short, online how-to modules about specific educational issues lasting two to four hours, developed by Risbo and made possible by the Community for Learning & Innovation. Each MicroLab has a clear goal and a clear result. After an preparation (and qualification) in Canvas you will have a live session MicroLab. In this MicroLab session you start working on your own education material. This means that after the MicroLab, you will have a concrete result for your own education. To keep the MicroLabs interactive, a maximum of 4 to 6 lecturers take part.

Want to gain knowledge, share experiences with colleagues and have a new learning experience? Then join one of our MicroLabs in the upcoming months of May, June and July. Read more about each MicroLab here and sign up here.

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