MicroLab Festival: Cameratraining

1 januari 2000
Are you interested in making educational videos for your students? Then participate in this camera training in our Erasmus Studio!

Our camera trainer Joost Demmers will support you in acquiring good camera techniques and skills. Joost is a professional trainer and actor, with experience in theater, TV and film, commercials and corporate films. You might recognize him from various Dutch television shows and soap series. During his camera training, you will learn about body language, information on stance, the use of your voice and more.
After the camera training, you are prepared to write or improve your own script and record your educational video! Before and after the camera training, an educational advisor from Risbo is present to demonstrate you how you could book and use the DIY studio booths to record a video.

It is possible to follow this camera training during the MicroLab festival on the 9th of July from 14.00-15.30 or 15.30-17.00. There is a maximum of 3 participants for each time slot.

Signing up for this camera training
You can register for this training by contacting training@risbo.eur.nl. For EUR lecturers there will be no costs in participating in this camera training.
During the training, you can practice with an example script for educational videos. If you prefer to bring your own short (draft) script to practice with, please send it to ligtvoet@risbo.eur.nl in advance.


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