New Policy Brief Sirius about increasing diversity and the implications for schools and schoolleaders

1 maart 2018
SIRIUS 9th Policy Brief has just been released. It was written by two SIRIUS Board Members, Hanna Siarova and our Risbo colleague Tomislav Tudjman. The Brief explains why we need better prepared teachers and states that increasing diversity in our societies and schools places specific demands on teachers and school leaders to reflect upon it in the learning process and ensure that all children regardless of their background have the chance and necessary skills to realize their potential.

In order to achieve the above, it requires school staff to be reflective, sensitive, flexible and quick to respond to the new situations while at the same time they need to keep the standards and education goals set by policy-makers, often lacking resources both in terms of relevant knowledge and skills, as well as time needed for learning. As the review of the evidence from SIRIUS projects and large comparative studies show, there is still lack of coherent teacher training programmes in many countries and educators are often left to find relevant learning opportunities themselves, at their own cost and time.

To address this situation and ensure that all (future) teachers have relevant and systematic training on the issues of diversity, this policy brief brings a set of very useful recommendations.
SIRIUS Policy Brief

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