STQ has started! Initial experiences of participants

17 mei 2016
The kick-off meeting for the senior teaching qualification (STQ) course was held on April 7. Sandra Langeveld (RSM) and Richard van Kleef (iBMG) are participating in the course and talk about their initial experiences.

'I hope to gain new insights, for example regarding blended learning.'

Why are you participating in STQ?

Sandra Langeveld: “I work as a research project and education coordinator for the Technology & Operations Management department at the Rotterdam School of Management. In the department, I help colleagues set up and implement parts of the curriculum. I am participating in STQ to be better able to assist my colleagues; I hope to gain new insights, for example regarding blended learning.”

Richard van Kleef: “I am searching for inspiration and ideas for education innovation. Although the material for my courses is of good quality, I am not convinced that we are currently using the right tools for transferring that material as effectively as possible to the students. I also have the feeling that alternative methods could help us attain higher learning objectives, such as being able to evaluate and synthesise material and cases.”

'Fun and inspiring.'

What did you think of the kick-off meeting?

Sandra Langeveld: “It was an interesting and fun meeting. We learned a lot from the trainers, but also from one another. The group members, who were 12 lecturers of different backgrounds, were able to give each other effective advice. We shared many of our experiences working in education.”

Richard van Kleef: “Fun and inspiring. It's fun because it really clicks between the participants. Inspiring because the preparatory assignments (such as a viewing assignment) created quite a stir during the morning session.”

'I am going to redesign a course which has been unpopular among students for years.'

Which innovation project are you going to work with during the STQ? What do you hope to achieve?

Sandra Langeveld: “I am going to redesign a course which has been unpopular among students for years. There is currently no balance between practice and theory. This is going to be quite a challenge as in the past few years we have experimented a lot, but always without success. With the help of the STQ workshops and intervision meetings, I hope to come up with the right new structure for the course.”

Richard van Kleef: “My innovation project concerns the Healthcare Insurance Policies and the Healthcare System course (9 ECTS) which is taught as part of the pre-master in Health Economics, Policy and Law at iBMG. One problem with this course is that face-to-face education in the pre-master is provided only on Friday and is therefore very limited. In an effort to compensate, we try to provide the students with as much information as possible during the contact hours, but there are concerns that this may actually be counterproductive. It so happens that an excess of information can compromise the effectiveness of those contact hours. Furthermore, the current approach is creating a passive attitude among the students which they may take with them to the master programme. During the STQ, I will be looking for different ways of transferring information so that we can use our face-to-face education more effectively.”

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